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Marvelous screen capturing utility for Mac OS especially designed to capture frame region easily and accurately.

Rectangle Grab for Mac

Rectangle Grab for Mac is a marvelous screen capturing utility for Mac OS especially designed to capture frame region easily and accurately. This easy-to-use frame grab software provides a great solution for you to grab and edit a screenshot of rectangle region on Mac and output them into popular picture format like PNG, BMP, TIFF, PPM, XBM, XPM, ICO, JPEG, JPG and TIF.

This rectangle region capture for Mac has a user-friendly interface, by which anyone can use it to take screenshot on Mac without any guide.

When you click relevant button to capture rectangle region on Mac, a moveable, resizable translucent frame window will poop up. It can float over all your other windows and makes you see the content and icon through it. In addition, the eight knobs on the sides and corners of frame can be adjusted size of the frame panel by pixel according to your need.

If you would like to see details of the frame region you will grab accurately on Mac, a very useful screen magnifier can be used to magnify objects from 4X to 12X as you need. By the way, keyboard shortcuts instructions on the screen magnifier can be displayed or hidden respectively.

Keyboard shortcuts and capture tray icon also can be use to take screenshot on Mac. They are much convenient to operate compared with capture panel of the grabbing application for Mac.

Powerful editing function of the Mac rectangle region grab is also not neglected by its users. You can draw arrows, add outlines like rectangle or ellipse shape, write textual comments with adjustable font and type size, etc. if you need, you can write or draw arbitrarily with its pencil tool on the grabbed images.
Are you interested in our rectangle region grab program for Mac? Do you want to free download the Mac screenshot grab and have a try?

How to capture rectangle region on Mac?

1. Free download and install frame region grab for Mac. Launch it to get ready for your screenshot project.
2. Select rectangular region you will capture by clicking “Rectangle” or tray icon “capture rectangle”.
3. Resize frame window until it covers the entire region you would like to grab on Mac. Screen magnifier can be used to magnify cursor’s location to help capture accurately.

4. Then tick “Snap” or press “Enter” button to finish capturing.
5. Edit with handy tools to output screenshot files the way you like to display.
6. Save the grabbed frame region into popular image format to destination folder.

System requirements

Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) or later