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Wonderful desktop snipping program running on Mac OS - grab or capture freehand region on your screen...

Freehand Region Grab for Mac

Freehand Region Grab for Mac is a wonderful desktop snipping program running on Mac OS. This grabbing software for Mac is dedicated to grab or capture freehand region on your screen as you like. In other words, you can snap any part and any shape of your Mac desktop with this screenshot grab. The captured images on Mac can be saved into PNG, BMP, TIFF, PPM, XBM, XPM, ICO, JPEG, JPG and TIF.

Arbitrary snap on Mac is really useful in our daily life especially there are few screen capturing programs for Mac with such function in the market. So with this powerful Mac desktop screen shot, you can choose any irregular region arbitrarily on Mac and take screenshot of the freehand region easily and accurately.

Two options are available to choose irregular region you would like to grab on Mac by our grabbing utility: Point-to-point selection (select points to define capturing region) and Freehand Selection (draw shapes freehand). Screen magnifier can be used to magnify cursor’s location to help capture accurately on Mac.

In addition, you can use capture tray icon to process arbitrary snap on Mac, it is really simple and convenient.

Powerful keyboard shortcuts can be used when you grab an irregular region on Mac. With hotkey shortcut of Mac screen capture, you can move or adjust slightly selection region, cancel selection option, exit capturing, finish snapping and etc.

If you need to edit the grabbed screenshot on Mac, our freehand region grab is your right choice. You can process the following basic image editing such as adding texts annotation, arrows, highlights, pencil tool for arbitrary drawing, drawing shapes etc.

Preference settings are just needed to be configured once like launching at login, running minimized, delay time, magnification and so on. When you open irregular region capturing tool for Mac will show by the way you set last time.

In one word, this flexible and powerful Mac screen grab software is one of the few screenshot-grabbing program for Mac user to capture freehand region accurately and quickly.

How to grab freehand region or free-form area on Mac?

1. Several seconds are taken to install the arbitrary snap software on Mac.

2. Click “Arbitrary” icon on your capture panel or use tray icon to select irregular region. Two options are available to define irregular region: point-to-point (select points into a closed shape) and freehand selection (draw an arbitrary closed shape). Screen magnifier can be used to magnify cursor’s location to help capture accurately.

3. If the selection region is exactly what you want, click “Snap” or press 'Enter” button to complete capturing.

4. Edit with some handy tools like drawing attention with arrows and colorful shapes, adding textual comments and etc. Pencil editor is also supported.

5. Then preview the modified screen shots, then you can save it into various popular image formats.

System requirements

Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) or later